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Who Am I?

I'm Michael Xing.

I've been dabbling with programming in my spare time since fourth grade. To me, the wonder of technology comes from the accessibility of power it provides. From the dawn of human history until just a few decades ago, the high barrier of entry for anyone trying to create something new has made innovation accessible to just a few people. For the first time, the mainstream adoption of computing has given anyone and everyone equal access to the tools and resources needed to change the world. Anyone with a laptop and a good idea can remake society overnight, and just a few short years with the internet has shown the world what is possible. This is an intoxicating time to be alive and I wish nothing more than to contribute. Is this naïve? Sure. But what’s life without some stupid dreams?

Charlotte, North Carolina is my hometown and where I grew up, but I did spend a couple years in Hong Kong as a child. Throughout the years, I've taught myself a wide range of computer skills, including but not limited to programming, video editing, web design, and more. My freshman year of high school, I joined my school's Public Forum debate team, and had some success on the national circuit, including a 2016 Yale championship and a 2017 Harvard finalist placement. And when I really just want to relax, I've played the piano since 1st grade, and I still find it a beautiful way to pass time. That or reddit.

What Is This?

This website was built back in eighth grade as a place to dump whatever projects I happened to be working on. Consequently, there's a lot of rather old stuff on here that I'm keeping as historical mementos. Every page should have a date, which may be useful in contextualizing when it was created. My blog, which is really just a changelog for this site, documents most of the things I've built and changes I've made in detail, so if you're really curious about a certain project, check out its corresponding blog entry (the blog allows you to filter posts by month, if you're having difficulty finding a post). If nothing else, it's interesting to watch how my writing style has evolved over time.

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The archived, original version of this page as it appeared on my site pre-2018 is available here.

The current version of this page is available here.