Other Cool Thingys

Non-programming stuff I've worked on.

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Game Analysis

I took some courses on game studies and made some analysis videos about some games.

How P5S Adapts & Evolves Its Source Music

A detailed dive into the music of Persona 5 Strikers and how it had to adapt to the new style of gameplay.

Beyond the Fourth Wall

An exploration of the different ways games break the fourth wall, and how they differ from other mediums.

Persona 5 Plays Like an Action Game

Fairly self-explanatory. I gush about P5's combat system for 5 minutes.


No professional composer am I, but I did throw together some tunes for the course in computer music I took. Since I got nothing better to do with them, I may as well share them here. These are released under the same CC license that governs most content on this site, so feel free to use them in your projects, following all rules in the footer.

Water Bottle

An piece made from a single sample of my water bottle being hit against a table.

Raw .wav download


Real-Time Audio Computations

Some relatively unsuccessful research into potential avenues to compute audio reverberations in real-time, especially in the context of a game engine. Explored digital waveguide meshes and a "mesh-tracing" algorithm proposed in the literature.

I have no idea what the laws are regarding research I did for a university, so for now, let's just all assume this isn't covered by the licenses that govern this site.


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