I've been programming for fun since middle school, and in addition to the collection of assorted games I have listed, I have also worked on many other personal projects. Here is a selection of them.

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Recent Projects

Projects from my time in university and / or mentioned on my resume

Flourish - The Game

Main Website

Ages after Homo sapiens abandoned an exhausted Terra, life has just begun to reclaim its place on the surface. With limited resources, sunlight, and space, spread roots and grow towards the sky to become the last plant standing.

A game on which I was software lead, built for the Introduction to Game Design course at Cornell University. Created over the course of a semester in a team of seven, built in Java using LibGDX. Won the Faculty Choice Award at Cornell's Bits on Our Minds 2019 annual student project showcase.

Samwise - A Student Planner for Everyone

Project Page GitHub Repository Available Here (Cornell ID required)

A homework and project planner designed to help students plan their schedules and reduce stress. Integrates with Cornell registrar data to automatically import exams. Built with React, running on Firebase. A project by the Cornell Design and Tech Initiative.

Cornell Roosevelt Institute Website

Available Here

Web site and management system designed for a student-run think tank. Included a public-facing website and a back-end content management system, built with Node.JS and Express, backed by MySQL.

Attendance System


Web app utilizing time-dependent QR codes to allow members of an organization to quickly and seamlessly check in to a meeting by scanning their phones, while eliminating the possibility of forging another member’s code. Was eventually integrated into the club management dashboard.

Multiplayer Games

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe Bringing Down the Landlord

Assorted multiplayer games running off Node.JS and

Club Management Dashboard


Web-based management portal for students members of a club. Streamlined club management and allowed more scalable management techniques as the population of the school and club ballooned to over a hundred students.

High School

Projects I made for various classes and other academic functions in high school

Augmented Reality Website

Available Here

Senior Year

Website created for a Technology Student Association competition. The task was to design and launch a website that would teach people about augmented reality. Won 2nd place at the TSA 2017 national conference.

AKTSA Website

Current Site 2016-2017 Archive 2015-2016 Archive

Senior Year

Website for the Ardrey Kell High School Technology Student Association club. The current site is no longer under my control, and may have changed since.

Drones Website

Available Here

Junior Year

Website created for a Technology Student Association competition. The task was to design and launch a website that would teach people about drones. Won 5th place at the TSA 2016 national conference.

AP Physics 1

Available Here

Junior Year

Created as part of my time teaching AP Physics 1 with my friend Bobby at my high school after our only physics teacher left. Included some resources for fellow students in our classes that tied in with our planned lectures and activities.

Anatomy of a Jerk

Available Here

Summer after Sophomore Year

A research paper written for the Summer Ventures camp held by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Explored the nature of how the third derivative impacted the shape of graphs in single variable calculus.

The Quest For Sticktopia

Available Here

Sophomore Year

A Flash game made for Civics and Economics intended to teach the Bill of Rights to kids.

Infinite Series Flowchart

Available Here

Sophomore Year

A flowchart for solving infinite series made for fun during AP Calculus BC.

Dihybrid Cross Solver

Available Here

Freshman Year

Solved dihybrid crosses for Honors Biology. Included calculating genotype ratios.