Older Miscellaneous Projects

These are additional projects not related to programming that I've worked on in back in high school. Many of these are quite old, but I'm leaving up on my site for completeness sake.

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High School Miscellaneous

AP Physics 1 - TA Resources

A lecture I gave on wave superpositionA slide from a lecture on gravity

HS Junior Year

Created as part of my time teaching AP Physics 1 with my friend Bobby at my high school after our only physics teacher left. Included some resources for fellow students in our classes that tied in with our planned lectures and activities.


Anatomy of a Jerk

Summer after HS Sophomore Year

A research paper written for the Summer Ventures camp held by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Explored the nature of how the third derivative impacted the shape of graphs in single variable calculus.


Infinite Series Flowchart

HS Sophomore Year

A flowchart for solving infinite series made for fun during AP Calculus BC.


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