AP Physics

This is the place where Bobby and I will dump things we show you in class so that you can go back and review if necessary. I'm hosting this on the website I made freshman year. Don't judge.

AP's comprehensive guide on the content of this course and the layout of the test is available here. Take advantage of it. There are practice questions and sample FRQ's and their rubrics near the bottom of the document, in addition to detailed explanations of what certain terms mean and how to deconstruct FRQ instructions. We highly recommend you take a detailed read.

Apparently Joseph has been taking notes on a shared Google Doc located here if anyone wants it. Thanks, Joseph.

If anyone needs it, Mr. Neill's email is [email protected].

If you're looking for the FRQ explanation I did back in the fall, it's been moved here.

Simple Harmonic Motion


Simulation: http://www.wiley.com/college/halliday/0470469080/simulations/sim15/sim15.html

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r0HexjGRE4


Simulation: https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/pendulum-lab/pendulum-lab_en.html


Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/#quiz/f6c09ac3-2225-42d9-a66a-e56cc6d7c372. Note that you require a Kahoot! account to log in and a phone to play with before the game will actually show you the questions.

Waves and Sound

Day 1 - Basic Waves


Simulations and Videos

Day 2 - Superposition


Simulations and Videos

Review Kahoot!

Available here: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=44024486-d811-44be-8822-5a9478662a5b.

Alternatively, if you're lonely and playing by yourself, here's a singleplayer version: https://create.kahoot.it/#/preview/44024486-d811-44be-8822-5a9478662a5b. This requires you to make a Kahoot! account to login.

Day 3 - Sound Introduction


Day 4 - The Doppler Effect


Simulations and Videos

Day 5 - Standing Sound Waves


Simulations and Videos

The Road Ahead

The first two days back from spring break are dedicated to reviewing for this test. This test is going to be very difficult - you know all the material, but the test asks you to apply them in potentially difficult ways. To prepare for this, Monday will be dedicated to a conceptual review of the concepts presented this unit, while we will do some practice problems on Tuesday. The goal is to test on Wednesday back from spring break.

Review Kahoots

Testing Reminder

2nd block tested on Wednesday, April 6th. 1st block will test on Friday, April 8th.

Rotary Motion

Stuff shown in class will be uploaded here as the unit progresses. Special thanks to Sharnali, who has volunteered to take notes for the class for the duration of this unit.

Bobby's Kahoot! account can be found here, although it's probably easier to just search for his username: shrimpondabobby.

The goal is to test on Friday, April 15th, though this is subject to change at any time.

Tangential and Angular Acceleration

Rotary Motion Notes 1 Rotary Motion Notes 2 Rotary Motion Notes 3 Rotary Motion Notes 4

Moment of Inertia

A chart of different moments of inertia

You must know all except the first two in the bottom row.

AP Review

As a reminder, remember that we will be taking a full length released AP Physics 1 exam on Monday and Tuesday of the week of April 18th. Please come to class with sharpened pencils and a working calculator. Please take this seriously and arrive at class as quickly as possible, hustling the class change in the case of 2nd block, as time is very limited. Good luck!

Kinematics, Forces, and Projectile Motion

Kinematics PowerPoint: http://www.usd116.org/lbeuschlein/physics/powerpoint/chap2_3_4.pdf.

Circular Motion and Gravity


AP Exam

As the day of the AP exam fast approaches, as I'm currently stuck in a little airport in Kentucky because of a cancelled flight, I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure working with everyone the last few months, no matter what happens tomorrow. Just relax and remember what you've learned. AP Physics 1 is the single hardest AP exam. As a student without a teacher taking this test, realize that you have no down side. You know the material, and you guys are all smart people. Just keep your cool and work the problem to the best of your ability. When in doubt, energy is conserved. You'll do fine.

I'd say more, but I'm not the sentimental type. Instead, I'll let Mr. Helgemoe take it from here.

- Michael Xing

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Irmak will be hosting a pool party with ice-cream on May 3rd. Both blocks are invited. Please RSVP at [email protected] if you're interested.