All the games on my site, listed in chronological order of their latest version.


Early 2022

Not a ripoff of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Probably.

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Late 2019

Tic-Tac-Toe but fun. Supports local and online multiplayer, and also features an AI for singleplayer mode.

Tianjin Mahjong

Mid 2018

A lesser known variant of Mahjong. Four player online play. Frankly, a bit buggy. Not optimized for mobile.

Bringing Down the Landlord

Early 2018

A popular Chinese card game. Three player online play.


Late 2017

What it says on the tin. Not compatible with mobile.

Connect 4

Early 2016

Also self explanatory. Local multiplayer only.

The Quest for Sticktopia

Mid 2015

High school civics project in the form of a game. Requires Adobe Flash (and therefore likely no longer playable).

Dots & Boxes

Early 2015

See title. Local multiplayer only.


Mid 2013

Classic game. Going off one edge will wrap around to another.


Early 2013

One player against the house. Bets are fixed.