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Flash Game - Physics! :)

A quick update as to where I'm at - school is starting soon, so I'm not going to be able to put as much work in as I've been doing.

As for the game, I ironed out most of the problems with collision detections, so "at least we have that." The glitch where you could double jump through the roof was fixed in the cheapest way possible - if you hit the roof once, you're not allowed to double jump. Simple, stupid, but, for the moment, it seems to work.

Also, all the code was moved off the timeline and into a separate class, which makes the game a lot more scalable (hopefully) and easier to maintain (also, I can use Notepad++ instead of putting up with Flash's built in editor, which isn't bad, but definitely isn't ideal).

As usual, here's the game as it stands. Enjoy!

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