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Navigation Bar Update

Thanskgiving Break! Woot!

School is out! We don't have 8 hours of homework! And I'm working on my website again! YAY!
Expect tons of changes in the days ahead, but first, I present, a new Navigation Bar!

"It looks no different," you may be thinking, and you'd be right. It looks no different. If functions no differently. So what's new? Behind the scenes, everything. See, instead of actually typing out the nav bar for every page and having to edit every page every time there was a change, I've created a little Javascript code that dynamically injects the nav bar when you load the page, meaning that if there was a change, I could simply change it in the JS code, and it would reflect across the site. Amazing!

In addition to keeping the HTML clean, this also makes it tons easier for me to actually create new pages, since each new page isn't faced with the daunting task of going into every page and editing the nav bar.

Apart from that, the Snake page got an aesthetic and functional redesign - the gameboard scales to fit the screen, and the game is incorporated into the standard site page, so it's more consistent.

That's all for now, but I'm still coding, so expect lots of changes really soon. See you next time!

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