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New Blog!

Yeah... After thinking it over, I decided to go with PHP and MySQL, since, you know, why not? It's a new language and something new to play with. I've actually played with PHP and MySQL before, but I got bored before anything interesting came along from that.

As for the Flash game I promised, I don't have any ideas. Once I get one, I'll start working on it, but until then, English gives SO MUCH HOMEWORK!

Also, the navigation bars were modified yet again - this time, however, it was mainly an aesthetic update. Sadly, CSS3 doesn't support gradient transitions as of the time of this writing, so that doesn't work, but the text fading does, and I kind of like how that looks. What do you guys think?

Thanksgiving Break is coming up soon - maybe I'll actually get some work done. Until then, enjoy the site!

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