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This is going to be short because I've been very busy sitting on my couch not doing anything all year and I'm not about to change now, but given that Google finally started allowing the purchase of *.ing domain names, I went ahead and registered It turns out is also available right now but I ain't paying $2000 for that.

There are no plans to change my main domain away from as I kind of like it the way it is. I'm thinking the plan going forwards is to use the new domain as a shortlink domain, replacing my current setup which was always a bit awkward. In fairness, the new domain is still quite long for a shortlink, but oh well. I'm not willing to pay for the actually good shortlink so here we are.

Anyways I haven't actually set anything yet. Right now the new domain just shows my main website. I'll figure out the Apache configs at some point.

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