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So That's Still Happening

A year ago I wrote about the terrible year that was about to conclude. For a bit there in February / March of this year I really did think we were over the hump and the pandemic was going to get better. Yet here we are. -_-

It's been a pretty eventful year for me personally, having finished school and now starting work. The only real change that happened on my website is the new About page, which has been rewritten yet again. I thought the globe spinning in the background would look cool (definitely not because I saw GitHub's new home page and thought their globe looked cool - it's because of a different reason) and so based the page around that idea. This presented an opportunity to rewrite the text as well, so I updated the parts about me, as well as fleshed out some more info about the site. Since that page had gone through so many iterations at this point, I thought it'd be fitting to just throw up a timeline to memorialize all of them.

While I was updating the copy, I finally got around to tweaking the home page text. It still sounds a bit stilted to me (I was never that good of a writer), but at least it's up to date now. All that's left is my resume, which I'll get to... eventually.

I think that's it, as far as the site goes. Finishing school, moving across the country, and starting a new job has kind of taken up all my energy this year. We'll see if more happens next year - I did start a bunch of projects this year (okay technically just two) that I haven't finished yet, so maybe those will go up on my site one day.

And with that, it's exactly 11pm where I'm writing this. With one hour to go, I'm going to try to get this post out. Happy new year, all.

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