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Xing 2.0

I'm not dead!

Yeah, I survived junior year, and now that it's summer, I'm back!

As you've probably noticed, a lot has changed around here. First on the list, freenom / stole from me (they rebranded it as a "premium domain name" and then sold it to some scammers), so I'm stuck with the .ml extension now. Oh well. Second, and more importantly, I went back and redesigned the entire site! From scratch (kind of)!

So as you may or may not remember, I designed this page the summer before freshman year. That was 3 years ago, right after I finished Duke TIP. I was pretty impressed with myself at the time but now, looking back, the site is crap. Compared to the stuff I've been up to more recently, it's obvious that my design language has grown and evolved, and it was time my personal website reflected that.
The home page of my old site

The new design I have is cleaner and more professional, yet also cooler, in my opinion, with subtle animations and stark contrasts. Most of the color scheme is taken straight from Google's Material Design, and the animations are all self created. To complement the flat design, I also flattened out the Xing logo at the top. I tried to create it with just the font itself, but text stroke support is limited to webkit at the moment and the shadow workaround just isn't pretty.
The home page of my old site

The redesign isn't finished yet, of course. There's no mobile version yet, and it also scales to small widths horribly. The blog pages are missing month filters that the old versions had - those are coming. Besides, there's also a huge list of small things that I'll probably be tweaking from time to time over the coming weeks.

In other news, I programmed Connect 4 on a plane to Sacramento because I got bored. It's a very simple game, but I was bored, so why not.

That's about it for now. I've been working a lot on the AK TSA website and I'm participating in Governor's School, so my page has kind of been neglected. However, now that I survived junior year and it's summer, a lot more should get done.

It's good to be back.

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