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School Project / Game - The Quest For Sticktopia

I think this is the first time I've hosted a school project on my website, but it's happening. I made a game for my Civics and Economics class.

It's a platformer button-masher designed to teach the Bill of Rights. In the game, you control a character on a quest to regain his civil liberties. Each amendment you collect acts as a powerup. For example, Amendment 2 gives you a gun to shoot (the others are... a bit more of a stretch).

I had a month to make the game, but due to things like Debate and TSA, in reality, the time I had was much less (more like 2 weeks). Luckily some code for the physics engine was already written. Long time readers of my blog (so... absolutely no one) will remember Escape From The Death Camp 2 - the platformer I was making that I eventually gave up on. Well, I was able to repurpose most of the code from the physics engine to run this game, so that much was taken care of already (technically still my own work). Everything else I still had to write myself, though. This was still a huge project (as if I wasn't expecting it when I embarked on this).

Like EFTDC 1, I hosted this game on Kongregate. However, unlike EFTDC 1, in addition, it's also available here, on my own site. Click here, or follow the link on the School section of the navigation bar, for more information regarding the game. You'll find a link to Kongregate there too. Alternatively, play it on my site under the Games section. Enjoy!

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