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A Long Overdue Tetris update

Yeah... No, I still haven't gotten around to making a ghost piece. Nor have I actually fixed the bug where the music would play when the game was paused. Those are actually coded relatively deep into the game (read: more that 2 lines of code), so I'm too lazy to fix them tonight.

Luckily, while procrastinating and not doing my Calc homework, I did get one thing implemented, and it was LONG overdue IMO. Introducing: the tiered speed system!

Yeah. It seriously took me 2 years to get the game to speed up over time. Deal with it.

For those of you who want to know, the speed increases by 10% every 10 rows you clear. There's a level counter next to the score indicator. Good luck!

BTW: I successfully managed to post this before 2016. Woot!

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