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Winter Break(!) & Updates

Winter Break!

In my experience, winter break usually isn't as productive as Thanksgiving break, since the sense of urgency that comes from a relatively short break isn't there. Regardless, I'm here, I'm working, and I have a quite a few things to talk about.

First, I've made a slight change to the blog filters - it only displays two months and a "More" button. This may not be useful now, but eventually, if I start getting lots of entries, this should keep it from going insane.

Second, I've officially started work on my Flash game - I have a working tutorial and everything. I've decided to rip off Mojang's dev cycle, so now, the game is in InDev v0.1! As always, I'll include what I have at the bottom.

Finally, as always, I constantly fiddle with small things concerning my site - usually aesthetics by way of CSS, so I'm not going to list everything here. One change you may notice is that the "About" and "Contact" changes have been grouped together in the navigation bar. I felt it cleans it up a bit - eventually, I'd like to only have "Home" and "Blog" by themselves and have everything else in a "folder", so to speak.

Sadly, winter break is still too short to finish all I want to finish and still stay on top of my school and extra-curricular work (I'm sitting on that 92 in French and it's killing me...). However, I'll try, as I usually do.

Enjoy EFTDC 2 InDev v0.1!


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