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Blog v2.1 - Sorting!

Yesterday, the new version of my blog went live (actually, since I edit the code directly on this site because I'm too lazy to have a testing server, it's been live, but you get what I mean).

The only real change is a Sort-By-Month feature, and the fact that the main Blog page is now limited to 5 posts.

I'm not sure I like the limit to 5 posts feature - I might add a "Show Older" button, but for now, that's staying. The month filter will filter blog posts by, well, month. Since I don't post much each month, it's not a big deal, but it should be useful to have in the future, just in case.

Eventually (hopefully), I'll end up with multiple filters to choose from, such as tags or maybe author (if I get other people to write on my site). For now, however, the logistics of that boggles my mind.

1 Day Left Until Winter Break! Woot! I hope to get some work done, and I (again, hopefully) will, but there's Debate and other stuff I have to do too, so... yeah.

I need a classic end phrase, don't I?

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