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Blog Source Code and New Favicon

I haven't posted in a while (like 3 days), so I decided I should write something (AKA: I'm procrastinating when I'm supposed to be doing homework).

My friend Brian recently posted all the source code for his blog on his site, and I thought that was a good idea, so, doing what I do best - stealing borrowing other people's ideas - I decided to do the same.

I stole a lot of source code from here, but here's a quick explanation - the Index page automatically loops through all the blog posts and displays a bit from each. The BlogPage page takes an argument via HTTP and pulls that entry from the blog before displaying it. They use the Includes.php file, which links in BlogPage.php, which essentially pulls stuff from the database I'm typing in right now

and sends it back to the page that requested it. Simple enough.

As to where my site is at - again, school, debate, VEX Robotics, and student council are annoying as [email protected] - I haven't done much work except add a new favicon, which may or may not look nice. I don't know yet. Anyways, it's there for you to enjoy. That's all I have.

As they say in my hometown, DFTBA (not really - I'm just stealing that from John Green)

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