Dihybrid Cross Solver

Version: Alpha 1.1, Late 2013

In addition to the Punnett Square, genotype ratios also work. Phenotype ratios, possibly color coding, etc. are coming soon! Check back later for exciting developments!

I'm a lazy developer who doesn't do everything he's supposed to. I know, bad Xing. Anyways, the point is, if you're not using Chrome, I can't guarantee that anything on this page will work. Luckily, Chrome is available for Windows, Linux, Mac (if you'd ever use one for some reason), Android, and iOS, so no matter what you're using, you should be mostly covered. ☺

Note: This is a very dumb program. Please enter the genotypes using the following as a guide:
    Mother - BbSs
    Father - bbSs

Follow normal conventions. I don't have error detection yet. If you put something weird in, you're going to get something weird out.

A newer version of this web app is available here.