Roller Coaster Rankings

I've had the fortune of riding many roller coasters, a complete and updated list of which can be found on my profile.

While I don't believe in ranking coasters directly, as I feel many coasters offer disparate experiences that don't directly compare to each other, I do still find it fun to try to sort them into buckets based on quality.

Here, then, are my thoughts on the coasters I've ridden, updated whenever I feel like it.

I do not rank coasters at a finer level of detail than the tiers. Coasters within a tier are listed in order of when I first rode them. Click on any to see more details.


My favorite coaster.


Coasters that hold a special place in my heart.


Coasters among the best in the world, and would be a standout attraction at even the best of parks.


Top tier rides that could easily be the best ride even at a good regional park.


Good rides that I enjoy riding repeatedly and could be the best ride at a mid-sized park.


Decent rides that are worth the time to ride every time I visit a park.


Okay rides that can easily be skipped without missing much.


Mediocre rides that you could ride if you wanted to, but generally are not worth your time.


I do not recommend these coasters.


Kiddie rides, family rides, unnotable defunct rides, or other coasters I just don't care enough to have an opinion about.